Consultant -trainer in maritime and fishing surveillance

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Consulting in the field of the maritime surveillance for VTS and VTMIS systems, also in fishing monitoring and surveillance, specialized in the fight against illegal fishing (IUU). I have a very uncommon  experience in the operational treatment and the analysis of the radar satellite imagery (Radarsat and Envisat), definition of a tactical classification of the echoes and use of the means of interception.

Training in French and English on maritime monitoring systems (VTS and VTMIS), I have already carried out missions for the deployment of the monitoring system of the French national maritime approaches (Spationav V1).

I also propose to help you to define the adequate training for your products, and to carry out training in French or English for your customers.

Formations sur système de surveillance maritime



Searching for illegal fishing vessels in the icebergs, Southern ocean. Approximately 150 icebergs in a radius of 12 nautical around the ship.


A bord d'une embarcation d'assaut des Customs australien

Part of an Australian Customs boarding party in southern ocean Antarctic area.