Consultant -trainer in maritime and fishing surveillance



My experience and references.

Since two years, free lance trainer and consultant in maritime and fishing surveillance,. Missions for SOFRELOG within the framework of the deployment of the national maritime monitoring system "SPATIONAV V1".  For this mission, as much in Channel  and Atlantic zone that in the Mediterranean, I ensured the training of approximately 300 people during 75 days.

Chief Petty officer in the French Navy,  and detached towards the Maritime affairs [1981 to 2007 ], posting embarked in Metropolitan France, overseas in New Caledonia, Tahiti, Reunion island and in Australia, on the Australian Customs patrol vessel (one year).

Duty officer of the MRCC (search and rescue) and simultaneously In charge of the fishing surveillance service for French territories in the Indian Ocean  [ July 2001 to July 2006 ].

With the rise of fishing service and the cover exploitation of the southern ocean zones by satellite (including Australian areas), the manager of the MRCC entrusted the responsibility of the service to me full-time.

It ‘s in this function that I could express all my capacities of adaptation and management with an aim of developing and structuring the fishing monitoring in the various French exclusive economic zones of the Indian Ocean. That has also allowed me to fully express my capacities in the relational field both in internal, or in international, to create a network with the homologous services, whether they are French-speaking or Anglo-Saxon.

Exceptionally prolonged twice in my functions, I took part very actively in the French-Australian co-operation and for this reason I carried out the first patrol of fishing surveillance on board "Oceanic Viking", the  Australian customs & fisheries patrol vessel.

My great knowledge of the questions of illegal fishing associated with enthusiasm which I constantly deployed to make respect the French interests and those of our Australian partners, will be worth me a letter of distinction decreed by the Australian admiral Russ Crane, director of Coastwatch. I also received testimonies of recognition of the Australian administration in charge of control and regulation of fishing (AFMA).

Drafting article of press  (in English and French) with dissuasive goal : Co opération France-Australia *** Co opération France-Madacascar *** Information French Navy

Australian customs

Australian Fisheries management authority

Testimony of distinction decreed by the Australian admiral Russ Crane, director of COASTWATCH (now chief of the Australian Navy).