Consultant -trainer in maritime and fishing surveillance

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Independent consultant and trainer in maritime and fishing surveillance, missions for SOFRELOG within the framework of the deployment of the "Spationav V1 " system (surveillance of the French coastline). Within the framework of this mission, as much in channel zone and in Atlantic that in the Mediterranean I ensured the training of approximately 300 people during 75 days.  I have also spend 2 weeks in Saudi Arabia to train people on the Ras tanura VTS system.

I have a not very common experience in the operational treatment and the analysis of the radar satellite imagery (Radarsat and Envisat), definition of a tactical classification of the echoes and the tactical use of the means of interception.

Training on Spationav system (surveillance of the French coastline).

Training on Spationav system (surveillance of the French coastline).


My address

Zill Yvon
Maison Biscaya - Quartier Ondarolle
64220 Arnéguy


Phone : 00 (33) 5 59 37 34 96
Mobile : 00 (33) 6 28 37 39 75
N°SIRET : 501 786 065 000 18
Code APE : 7490B
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